#MAMSPark Events


Northfield / May 18 / transportation from St. Paul provided

What are these Spark events?

Spark events are an opportunity to connect our members with each other by providing a day of locally-based activities.  We want to showcase the important work you're doing and learn how we can all better support each other.

What happens at #MAMSpark events?

Each event is hosted by a local institution and other local partners, and provides an opportunity to learn more about them and the good work they are doing. Each #MAMSpark event contains professional development opportunities where museum professionals are encouraged to learn from each other while engaging in casual networking. 

Where are they located?

For the 2018 programming year, MAM will be visiting members of the Northfield History Collaborative in Northfield and Faribault. Interested in hosting a #MAMSpark event next year? Let us know!

Who can attend?

#MAMSpark events are for museum professionals from around the state. While some locations may be more convenient than others, everyone is welcome.

What is the cost?

MAM is committed to making our professional development opportunities accessible to everyone. Each event is $10 for members and $12 for non-members. Not a member? Join MAM today for discounts on all MAM events throughout the year!

But I live in the Twin Cities! Can I still attend?

Of course! We want these events to inspire connection across our entire state. Thanks to our great friends and partners over at the Minnesota Transportation Museum, we are able to offer limited space on a coach bus to take us from the Twin Cities to each of the Spark events and back again. The bus rides are available for no extra charge, so take a break from your office and come explore with us!

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