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Minnesota is a unique state with a vibrant museum community stretching from the bluffs to the prairies, from cities to the North Woods. But how many museums are there? And what kind of economic impact do they make on our communities? We need your help to find out.

In order to more fully understand the incredible impact institutions like yours have on the economy Minnesota, we need to hear from you. Can you take a few minutes to tell us about your organization and your economic activity? You responses to this survey will be kept private and will only reported in the aggregate.

All information received will be incredibly beneficial in helping the museum community understand our economic impact throughout Minnesota. Data will be collected through June 30, 2016 and released in the coming months through the Creative Minnesota study and the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts’ museum-specific analysis. The Minnesota Association of Museums will announce each of these when they are made available.

With this key data, institutions like you will be better prepared to apply for grants; speak with legislators, city councils, and chambers of commerce; and more fully understand just how much you do for communities across our state.

We only ask for a single survey response from each institution, so please make sure this survey finds its way to the person best suited to complete information regarding budgets and contributions.

Questions? Please contact Maren Nelson, the Managing Coordinator for the Minnesota Association of Museums at maren@minnesotamuseums.org.

Thank you for getting counted!

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