MAM 2018 Annual Conference 

Call for Proposals

Deadline: Friday, May 25th, 2018


Each year, MAM convenes the museum community together to discuss best practices, new strategies and emerging solutions that are strengthening museum practice across the state.  MAM’s 2018 Annual Conference promises to be the leading museum networking event that takes place in Minnesota, with a simple, shared vision: Moving Forward Together.

We will be gathering over two days at multiple sites across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, including the Weisman Art Museum, Bell Museum and the Minnesota History Center.

Conference Goals

We invite opinions, expertise, case studies, discussions and practical advice.

Museum stakeholders and conference participants will have an increased understanding of and pathways forward for increasing:

  1. Awareness of how museums are coming together to address challenges

  1. Museums’ role in leveraging their arts, cultural, environmental  and historical assets

  1. Best practices for our field, including, but not limited to collections management, education, visitor services, interpretation, preservation, communication, and administration


10 Minute Flashtalk

Flashtalks invite you to share your knowledge of best practices or innovative approaches in a lively, thoughtful and interactive ten minutes and allow for many voices to discuss a multitude of topics.

Please complete the form via the link in order to submit your presentation. You will be required to submit the following information.

  • The title of your presentation or workshop (max. 60 characters)

  • Short Session Description (max. 750 characters)

  • The area of Museum Practice (select one) that best represents your proposal: 1) Exhibits 2) Management, Development, and Membership 3) Marketing and Social Media 4) Education and Community Engagement 5) Collections  6) Other

  • Name (or names), positions or titles, and contact details of those presenting

  • Organization(s) you are affiliated with

  • Summary of your presentation (no more than 500 words)

  • Relevant links or images if applicable.

  • Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes are the new skills, strategies, and knowledge participants will gain as a direct result of participating in your session. Please articulate up to three key takeaways from your session (max 150 characters)



The deadline for submission is Friday 25 May 2018 (5pm CST)

Questions should be sent to – All proposals will be reviewed by our peer panel and those registered as the main proposal contact will be informed of the decision by early June 2018.  

Please note:

  • Speakers and workshop presenters are required to cover their own Conference registration fees - no speaker or presenter discounts apply.

  • Speakers and workshop presenters are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

  • MAM offers a limited number of Conference Scholarships.  Please visit to learn more.

  • MAM reserves the right to pair Proposals together and/or alter the presentation timeframe.

Minnesota Association of Museums (MAM) Conference Committee

The MAM Conference Committee is responsible for the review and selection of program sessions and work to ensure that the program reflects a thoughtful balance of institutions, topics and perspectives. The committee is comprised of museum professionals representing diverse professional expertise, regional affiliations and institutions.

Evaluation Criteria

The MAM Conference Committee uses the following criteria when reviewing session proposals:

  • The session ideas, purpose and learner outcomes are clearly focused and well-articulated

  • The qualifications and rationale for presenters clearly support the purpose and learner outcomes of the session proposal

  • The session proposal is organized, well-conceived and well-developed

  • The topic is important and relevant  - this may include emerging trends, technology, global perspectives, or other content that is boundary pushing, thought-provoking and unique

  • The subject matter is appropriate to the format

  • The proposal content can be applied to a diverse range of disciplines, cultural perspectives, geographic locations and/or museum size

  • Proposal presenters reflect diverse communities and viewpoints

Proposals may NOT be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Topic is too narrowly focused to have broad appeal

  • Topic does not offer any new insights or innovation in the area

  • Proposal description lacks clarity and/or specificity

  • Proposal content lacks applicability to a diverse range of disciplines, cultural perspectives, geographic locations and/or museum size


The following will result in disqualification and disqualified proposals will not be reviewed by the MAM Conference Committee:  

  • Proposals that have the appearance of being “too commercial” focused on specific products and services  

  • Proposals that are incomplete (e.g. Presenters are not listed)

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion

The Minnesota Association of Museums respects, values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We believe that our strength lies in our diversity among the broad range of people and museums we represent. We consider diversity and inclusion a driver of institutional excellence and seek out diversity of participation, thought and action.

Additional Proposal Notes

  • Each presenter is limited to submitting up to two proposals to be reviewed by the Minnesota Association of Museums

  • Proposed Session Title: Your session title should not exceed 60 characters (approximately 10 words). We encourage you to develop a title that is not only catchy, but also accurate to the session content.

  • MAM reserves the right to edit accepted session titles and descriptions, with approvals by Session Organizer

  • Descriptions should be compelling, but must also be concise and clearly articulate learning outcomes that participants will learn if they attend your session.

  • Descriptions should align with the Flashtalk format.

  • This description will be displayed on the MAM website, mobile app and any other published meeting materials.

  • For the most part, attendees are pragmatic in their learning and want to apply their learning to present situations. If the information is theoretical, please connect the information you present to practical applications.

  • You may also share other information that the reviewers may find interesting (e.g. Has this content been presented elsewhere? Did this program win an award? Are there interactive components planned?)

  • Summary: Additional information for Reviewers is limited to 500 words. This information will not be published.

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