We’re sitting down for State of the State Lightning Round Presentations, together. Hear from nine of your colleagues as they share unique perspectives on diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and creative economies. Get ready to look beyond your focus area and be challenged to apply new ideas to your work.

State of the State Lightning Presentations


  • Bringing Isle of the Pines to Ely, MN — Alexandra Hilterbrand, Dorothy Molter Museum
  • Making a Museum in a Mall — Paige Dansinger, Better World Museum
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears: A collections story — Inga Theissen, American Swedish Institute


  • Roots to Healing — Lisa Aston Philander, Ph.D., University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences Conservatory
  • Sustainability: Mia's Past Projects and Future Dreams — Charles Walbridge, Mia


  • Ears Wide Open: Listening to learn — Mary Weiland, Kate Errickson, Minnesota Children's Museums
  • Share, Listen, Connect: Pop-up museums in your community — Lindsey Rindo, Goodhue County Historical Society
  • Interns 4 U: Are you ready? — Lin Nelson-Mayson, Goldstein Museum of Design
  • Sustaining New Audiences, Forging New Workforce — Ingrid Nyholm-Lange and Rachel Morgan, American Swedish Institute



  • Museum Speed Networking —  North Star Connect
  • Crystallization Postcards —  Aleah Vinick, MNHS
  • Microaggressions: What are They and How We Stop Them — Shonnah Hughes, Mia 

Thursday: Museum NEXT Practices

  • How to do STEAM: Activating the Museum through Play. Tinker. Make. Engineer.— Asha Elgonda, Aki Shibata, and Thai Change, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Creating Community Partners: How to initiate grants and contracts (ask a lawyer) — Walter Lehman, Lehman PLC


  • We're All A Part of History: How to Create Community-Based Exhibits — Kate Roberts and Lisa Friedlander, MNHS
  • Slowing Down to Get Ahead: Mindfulness in the Museum —  Jamee Yung and Katie Covey, Weisman Art Museum
  • Creating a Dialogue on Accessibility & the Arts in Minnesota: How to Host Community-Based Learning Sessions — Jessica Eckerstorfer and Johnnay Leenay, The Minnesota Museum of American Art
  • Make Your Collections a Part of Your Community: 3D Scanning and MuseumDraw — Charles Walbridge and Paige Dansinger, Mia and Better World Museum

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